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What to Include in IB School Curriculum

29 December 2011

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It is stated in Bhagwat Geeta that changes are inevitable. This law of change applies to every living and non-living entity on this planet. So, how could inanimate entity such educational system be excluded from this universal law of change? The trends in Indian educational sector are rapidly changing. Earlier what seemed to be the forte of a particular group of students has now become a common course. Some years ago International school curriculum was an exclusive knack of the children of diplomatic staff. However, nowadays the concept of international schools has become very popular among children from every section in India. The reason for immense popularity of IB schools in India is that it follows IB diploma curriculum which was designed for higher secondary students as a common curriculum and a path for direct entry in the university for the geographical mobile students. It is said that nothing is perfect; well this does not apply to the IB school curriculum. The curriculum is designed is such a way that it becomes difficult for a parent to find which aspects are not included. The IB school curriculum includes every aspect that is essential for overall development of a child. IB diploma curriculum is based on the three core aspects. Thus, as a part of their course, the students have to undertake various tasks related to these core aspects that develop their personality. The students have to take up any topic of their interest and write an original piece of extend essay in 4000 words. This enhances the creativity of the students. Apart from making your child to take a creative approach, it also helps the child to acquire skills essential for conducting inquiry and research, thus helping the child to carve an independent path for himself.
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